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iPad unlock is an essential method you need to be aware of. The reason is we all are users of iDevices. Including iPhones, iPads, iPods and even iWatches.

ipad unlock

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ipad unlock

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ipad unlock

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ipad unlock


ipad unlock

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ipad unlock

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How It Works

ipad unlock

01. Go to iPad Unlock Portal

The first step you need to do is to go to the portal by clicking the start unlocking button in order to start the iPad unlocking process

ipad unlock

02. Enter IMEI Number and iPad Model

You must enter your IMEI number and iPad Model to the portal to identify your device which is required for unlocking process

ipad unlock

03. Click Start

When you click the start button, first the system will identify your details which are entered and then the servers will begin to communicate to unlock your device. You need to be patient until the process will be done

ipad unlock

Start iPad unlocking

Go to the Online iPad unlocking tool portal

Start Unlocking

Do you know how to iPad unlock?

iPad unlock is an essential method you need to be aware of. The reason is we all are users of iDevices. Including iPhones, iPads, iPods and even iWatches.

When you purchase an iDevice you are eligible to create an iCloud. And it is so important to make your device and the cloud storage secure. Because you save all the important information in it. There are possible instances you can say your iPad is disabled. What are the actions you are going to take when it happens? Here is the solution.

In this article, I will explain to you all the necessary details about iPad unlock. Whenever you locked out of iPad or your iPad passcode. This article will provide complete guidance. Keep reading to know more information on how to unlock the disabled iPad. How to factory reset iPad without iCloud password. How to download the application and proceed. The requirement and much more.


What is iPad unlock?

iPad unlock is a mechanism you can use to unlock a locked iDevice. Before digging into more information let us inform you about some background. As we all know, when we own an iDevice. We create an iCloud account. We can use that iCloud account to connect several devices. And for the security, we authenticate it using Apple ID.

This ID includes a username and a password. This ID is very important because you can bypass most of the security barriers. It also helps to authorize you for certain functions too. What happens when my iPad is locked? This is a common question you need to have answers for.

Luckily, a set of developers found the answer when to iPad iCloud unlock. You can use this mechanism to unlock your iPad easily and use is as before. Let us now find out how you can lock your iPad with or without knowing.


How your iPad is gets locked to use iPad Unlock?

Before using the iPad unlock application you should know the instances how it can get locked. Therefore, you can instantly use this mechanism without panicking or getting worried. Here are the 3 major scenarios you need to be aware of.

1. You forgot your iPad Passcode and Apple ID is one reason to use iPad Unlock

When you forget your iPad passcode, you can try to unlock using your Apple ID. When you forgot your Apple ID you can unlock using your recovery question and answer. But when you forget both, you have no other option but to unlock using a tool. The best tool is to use this iCloud unlock tool. The method is easy. You only need the IMEI number of your mobile device.

2. Second-hand mobile device purchase

When you purchase a second-hand mobile device. You should check if it is completely unlocked. Sometimes you might purchase online and your device can be locked. To unlock the device you need the previous user’s Apple ID. And to reset the iPad password and the mobile device you need to unlock too. Using this tool, you can do it easily.

3. Misplacing your iDevice and losing access to iCloud

iDevices includes a special feature of security. When you lose your iPhone, iPad or iPod you can log in into your iCloud from the browser. And activate the find my iPhone feature to get help. You can choose one of three options. This can increase the security of the data on your mobile device. But what happens when you forgot the iPad passcode? You cannot reset the iPad passcode without the device. Your device data is in danger too. Then using the iPad unlock is the best option for you.


iPad unlock is a recently introduced application. You can use this to reset a locked iPad. And it is a valid question for you to worry about the safety and legal matters of the application. The main method of unlocking is using the IMEI number.

Therefore you do not have to use any other expensive applications or tools. The process is really easy. This quick fixing method was founded by years of struggling. Because unused and locked iDevices cost is high and the garbage is also increased.

But using iPad unlock for the activation lock iPad is very effective and the service is guaranteed too. Your data will be secured. No changes will happen within your mobile device. And also you do not have to keep any doubts about its usage.


Find my iPhone feature in iCloud

When it comes to iPad unlock, Find my iPhone feature is also equally important. As we explained earlier, when you lose your iDevice you can log in to your iCloud. The web browser can be used to login to your account in any remote location. You can also check your data, save them. Also, take necessary safety precautions too. When you lose you iDevice it is recommended to log in to your iCloud account. And activate an option to increase security. Here are them.

Option 1: Play Ringtone

Using this option you can play a loud ringtone. Even your mobile device is in the silent mode this ring tone will be played. You can easily find the iDevice when it plays in the maximum sound.

Option 2: Erase Data

This option will erase all the necessary data includes in your mobile device. It will be secured in your cloud. And the device will be idle until the owner unlocks.

Option 3: Lost mode

This option will make your iDevice lock more secure. When your iPad is disabled by the option, it will also show a message on the screen saying it is lost. And a 3rd passcode will be activated for further security.


What do you need to use iPad unlock

To use this application, you need to get some necessities with you. The main information the tool requires is the IMEI number of your mobile device. This number is a unique identification of your mobile device. This IMEI number can be found in your box which was given to you with the mobile. IT is a number with a barcode. It is written with the tag IMEI. And also you can get it from your mobile device. You need to write it down in a secure place so that you can use it when needed.


How to unlocking process is done when I forgot my iPad Passcode

When you need to reset the iPad passcode, you need to get the online tool – the iPad unlock first. Then get your IMEI number and insert it to the system. Give the needful permissions and information which is needed to inform you after unlocking.

Then the IMEI number will be taken from the system and process it using the internal algorithms. It will calculate the necessities. Even though the inside process is quite complex to explain. All you need to know is when it is unlocked. It will be unlocked in a limited amount of time.


Finding the best iPad Unlock tool

It may be easy to unlock your iPad when your iPad is disabled. But, you must find the best online iPad unlock tool without getting caught for fraud. Here are some tips and tricks for you to keep in mind.

  • Check for the average time the tool takes to unlock. It will take around 3 days maximum. But not more than a week. So make sure you check the time taken to unlock. Or else the tool might be useless.
  • Customer reviews are golden. You should read them carefully before deciding which tool to use. They will tell the pros and cons of the tool and their experience. You can have an overall idea about the iPad unlock tools available.
  • Payment methods are also important. You do not have to pay high amounts to get the service done. There can be free tools that provide the same service for the same quality of paid tools. So it is better to do an online survey before deciding.
  • An active customer service hotline is a plus point. If you have any questions or issues having a customer service line is important. But mostly the tools might not provide it. You should consider this option as well.

iPad Unlock VS Carrier Unlock

You might misunderstand both iPad unlock and carrier unlock as same. But it is not. When you forgot your iPad passcode, or if your iPad is locked and idle you need the iPad Unlocking tool. This tool only uses your IMEI number to unlock. And mainly unlocking can happen when you forget both of your Apple ID and Passcode.

But Carrier unlock is a different term. It serves a different objective. If you have used only one sim service provider with your mobile device. You might need to change your sim when you roam or when you are changing your mobile number.

But when your mobile is carrier-locked you cannot use any other Sim service providers. To remove the carrier lock you need to contact the exact service provider to inform them to unlock it. The rules and regulations may differ from the service provider. And there are eligibility criteria for you to fulfill.


Final thoughts about iPad unlock

iPad unlock is a very useful application you should be aware of. Because with this moving technology, security increases as well as breaches. And with a busy lifestyle, we tend to forget most of the necessary information.

Just like your iPhone iPod and also your iPad. Your mobile passcode can be easily forgetful. But do not worry if you forget it. With this amazing iCloud unlocking tool you can easily unlock the iCloud locked iPad.

This article is a clear guide for you to understand about the iPad unlock tool. Share this among your friends and family. Save your locked iDevices and use them again just like before.